Haridwar Weather

Haridwar Weather

Haridwar is very famous pilgrimage city and holy place in India. Haridwar is one of the region of Uttarakhand state and consists an area of 1994 Sq.km. It is enclosed three sides by the Shivalik hills and view on the right bank of the Ganga at an altitude of 292 m above sea level. The city of Haridwar loves great weather. The climate of haridwar is enjoyable for frequent of the months. The summer months are well hot in Haridwar with the mercury soaring to a high of 41℃ and the winters are quite cold with the mercury dive to a low of almost 40℃. The annual mean rainfall in Haridwar is about 2136.7mm.

Haridwar Summer Condition

In the Summer the temperature in haridwar range from 34℃ to 44℃. Summer season in Haridwar normally lasts from April to June or mid July. Summer season is cool and moderate followed by a good rainfall in monsoon.

Haridwar Winter Condition

In the Winter the temperature in Haridwar range from 10℃ to 30℃. winter season in Haridwar lasts from the month of October to February. The winters are very cold in Haridwar. Woolen Clothing is crucial during the Winters.

Haridwar Monsoon Condition

In the monsoon heavy drizzle in Haridwar brings some help to the local population from the summer heat. Monsson season in haridwar is from July to September. In the month of October and November the condition are cool and temperate in Haridwar.

Best Time To Visit In Haridwar

The Best time to make a trip in Haridwar is between the months of September and April.