Haridwar Ashrams

Haridwar Ashrams

Haridwar is one of the best tourist and pilgrim place in Haridwar. In The Haridwar you can feel the pure meaning of spirituality. There are more than 200 Ashrams in Haridwar which can accommodate more than 15000 pilgrims. Ashrams in Haridwar which can accommodate pilgrims during Ardh Kumbha, Kumbh Mela and other occasion in Haridwar and take formal fees from pilgrims for accommodation with basic facilities.

List of the Ashrams in Haridwar.

Prem Nagar Ashram in Haridwar : Prem Nagar Ashram is placed in the holy place of Haridwar which has been one of the most famous retreats for saints, sages and renunciates since thousands of years, the Prem Nagar Ashram is a meaning of serenity. The ashram was established by Shri Hans Raj Ji Maharaj and was more developed by Jagat Janani Shri Mata Ji and Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj. Prem Nagar Ashram is surrounded by wonderful gardens which more increase its beauty and provide a ideal complement to the amazing spiritual environment of the place.

Kanva Rishi Ashram in Haridwar : Kanva Rishi Ashram is placed 42km away from the holy place Haridwar on the banks of Malini River is the famed Kanva Rishi Ashram. According to popular myths the name of the Ashram is combine with a Rishi, Kanav who is believed to be the chancellor of karnavashram.

Jairam Ashram in Haridwar : Jairam Ashram is placed at bhimgoda, Haridwar. It provides free medical and medicine. and it was established by Adi Guru Shri Jai Ram Maharaj in 1891. The ashram is 35 km away from Railway Station Haridwar and 33 km away from Jolly Grant Airport.

Santoshpuri Ashram in Haridwar : Santoshpuri Ashram is popular haridwar ashram on the banks of the Ganga in an highly peaceful environment just along of the Bharat Mata Temple on the same road. The ashram was established by Baba Santosh Puri in 1978. The babaji who build this ashram has now gotten Samadhi but his German spouse and offspring knob the dealings of the ashram, they provide teaching facilities in yoga.

Maa Anandamayi Ashram in Haridwar : Anandamayi Ma Ashram is placed in Kankhal, Haridwar. It is an centre of hope for many finders of spirituality. Visitors all over the world visit the ashram.

Soham Ashram in Haridwar : The Soham ashram was established by Shyamamkanta Bandopaddhyaya. He is a divine leader and is well known in the field of yoga. His actually name Shyamakanta Bandopaddhyaya. He was Advaita Vedantic follower of Tibbetibaba. Tibbetibaba was a big yogi and maharishi of India. He was born at Autsahi in Dhaka.

Saptrishi Ashram in Haridwar Saptrishi Ashram is placed at 5 km from Haridwar on the banks of River Ganga. It was founded by Goswami Guru Dutt in 1943. Saptrishi Ashram is an attractive and historic, a bit rundown ashram about 5 km earlier to Haridwar.