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Rishikesh Haridwar Tour Packages

Rishikesh Haridwar Tour Packages

Rishikesh is located at the foothills of the lower Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand and the confluence of rivers Ganga and Chandrabhaga. It serves as a gateway to the Chota Char Dham pilgrimage sites of Kedarnath, Gangotri, Badrinath and Yamunotri.

Haridwar, truely translated as Gateway to God, Haridwar is one of the seven holiest places for Hindus, placed on the banks of River Ganges. Hardwar is an ancient religious city in the Haridwar district of Uttarakhand. Haridwar is one of the best tourist Places to visit in Uttarakhand aside from being a famous pilgrimage scene in India. Haridwar has become more than just a holy city, where people various to perform immersion of the ashes or took a dip in the water to wash away their sins.

There are some places to be included in sightseeing tours of Rishikesh and Haridwar are Triveni Ghat,Lakshman Jhula,Ram Jhula ,Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Chandi Devi Temple, Mansa Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple, Har Ki pauri and many more places are Visit to see in Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Places to visit in Rishikesh and Haridwar

Lakshman Jhula

Lakshman Jhula is an steely halt bridge across the river Ganges, placed 5 kilometres north-east from the city Rishikesh in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is said that Lakshmana crossed Ganges on jute cables between the place where this bridge is built. Lakshman Jhula was completed in 1929.

Ram Jhula

Ram Jhula is an steely halt bridge across the river Ganges, placed 3 kilometres north-east from the city Rishikesh in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. There are many Hindu ashrams and sacred centers established at both sides of the Ganges. It is also a attaching bridge between Sivananda Ashram placed in Muni Ki Reti to Gita Bhawan, Parmarth Niketan and other temples placed in Swargashram.

Chandi Devi Temple

The temple is devoted to Chandi Devi, a form of the Hindu idol Durga. The Chandi Devi Temple is one of the most ancient temples in India and attracts thousands of pilgrims during the festivals of Navratra and the Kumbha Mela.Chandi Devi Temple is also one of the siddh peeths in haridwar along with Mansa Devi and Maya Devi Temple. Temple can be reached by two ways. 1. By trek (03 km one way) 2. By Cable Car (ropeway) (10 Minutes ride).

Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi Temple is dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi. It is an ancient temple that attract people all over from India due to its significance. It is located at the top of Bilwa Parvat. Pilgrims can also use ropeway. The pilgrims can reach the temple by 03 ways. 1. By normal trek 2. By steps 3. By cable car (ropeway).

Beatles Ashram

Rishikesh is also brilliant as the spot where the Beatles compose their famous White Album. Back in the days they settle in the ashram of Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Beatles Ashram is now a deserted, desecrate spot but it’s still desirable to imagine it full of life and spirit. The most popular attraction is the Beatles Cathedral Gallery that has come a graffiti free-for-all and is worth looking.

Triveni Ghat

Triveni Ghat is placed bank of the holy river Ganges. This scared ghat used for bath for most of pilgrims. The main daily event of the attraction is the evening Aarti of Goddess Ganga also frequently called as “Maha Aarti”. You can see the believer’s offers prayer during aarti.It can be organise in the heart of town, is the most excellent bathing ghat, where most traveller take a holy dip previous than they visit the different temples.

Bharat Mata Mandir

The Bharat Mata Mandir is placed near sapt Rishi Ashram, Haridwar. It dedicated to mother India. It is a religious shrine and it is founded by Swami Satyamitranand Giri. It was inaugurated by the late India Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1983.