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Khari Holi Festival

Khari Holi Festival

In Khadi, Holi is a musical affair that lasts most of the spring season. Women take the lead role. The musical gatherings take several forms. Bhaitaki Holi begins from Basant Panchmi and features Hindustani ragas with an influence of folk music.

Strict attention is paid to the time of day at which the songs are sung. Khadi Holi is mostly celebrated in the rural areas of Kumaon and has a strong rustic flavour. Mahila Holi refers to gatherings composed solely of women.

The ‘Khadi’ or ‘Khari’ (standing) holi tradition also involves dancing to tunes played on traditional local instruments. About a week before the actual festival, the women of the village have their own ‘mahila’ tradition which also features singing and dancing. The spring festival of Basant Panchmi marks the beginning of Khadi Holi and Mahila holi.

Whereas Mahila Holi is celebrated by the women of the region where they sing their heart out in tranquilizing tones. Another popular kind is the Khadi Holi which comes into notice after the Baithaki Holi where people sport the traditional clothes of the region and its a form celebrated by the rural areas of Kumaon region.